offers mason bees for pollination. The red masonbee Osmia bicornis is an excellent pollinator of fruits, nuts and vegetables. We will ship to all EU countries
Almonds, sweet cherry, apple, pear, and plums. Start using mason bees now as part of your pollinatormix. Mason bees are benefitial for crop pollination under marginal, average and optimal weather conditions
Do you grow fruits or vegetables in greenhouses and are you interested in adding masonbees to your pollinatormix?
Because mason bees are important as part of an effective pollinatormix. Because using mason bees will reduce dependency on honyebees and bumblebees
There are different methods for and approaches to applying mason bees to your pollinatormix. From just buying the cocoons and bringing them in the field to establishing a stable 'orchard population'
Are you looking for answers or information regarding pollination with mason bees? If your question is not adressed here, dont hesitate to send an email.